From Paddock to Plate book out now!

Check out Louise’s new book ‘From Paddock to Plate’ available in all good book shops. It’s been described by editor of ‘delicious.’ magazine, Valli Little, as “a must have for those who love seasonal fresh produce and home-style recipes”.

Taste the true flavours of fresh home grown produce as I take you into the heart and livelihoods of our Australian farmers. You are about to discover where to find local produce in your region, how to grow, prepare and cook with it.

Growing up on a property near Guyra in the New England North West region of New South Wales, I was privileged to experience the taste of fresh produce straight from the paddock. At a young age, my brother, sister and I were each given a plot of dirt in the garden to growour own veggie patches. I spent mornings helping my father look after the stock and afternoons in the kitchen washing soil from home grown artichokes with my mother for dinner. Here grew my appreciation for fresh food, learning how to plant, grow, harvest and prepare from ‘Paddock to Plate’.

It’s more important than ever that we support Australian producers, to ensure they remain viable, prolific and productive in supplying the nation with its own food. Australia is a vast country with enormous potential and challenges in all agricultural sectors. Knowledge and expertise to farm our land has been passed down from generation to generation. These skills are irreplaceable and could be lost forever if we ignore where our food comes from.

According to the National Famers’ Federation, there are more than 125,500 farms solely dedicated to agricultural production in Australia, with farmers producing almost 93% of the country’s daily domestic food supply. Australian farms and their closely related sectors generate $137 billion-a-year in production. These figures inspire continued support for our ‘home grown heroes’.

Despite this, a large majority of what is produced continues to remain undiscovered.

From burrowing for truffles in the pouring rain, collecting honey surrounded by a swarm of 5000 bees, to hooking a 26 kilogram deep sea fish, I’ve used my adventures to prove that fresh, local and inexpensive produce is available on your doorstep.

Whether you’re a foodie, a farmer, or just curious as to why you should be sourcing Australian produce, this book is for you. It includes 170 treasured recipes from local chefs, CWA members and the producers themselves, who have perfected ways of cooking their produce over many years.

I wish to thank all the featured producers for sharing their remarkable stories and traditional family recipes with the rest of the nation, to encourage even the most uninspired cook to realise the full potential of local ingredients on offer and to truly appreciate that Australia really is the lucky country.

Support our local producers by eating locally grown food and let your love affair with fresh Australian produce begin.

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