Louise is an expert in her field. – Megan Maples, Event Coordinator, Southern Forests Food Council

Thank you so much for hosting the Truffle Hound session on Sunday (at Truffle Melbourne) and for making it run so smoothly with the Q&A, passing around truffles etc. It was such a fun experience and made so much better by you being there – thanks a million!  You have a lovely, engaging style and it was a pleasure to work with you. – Sara Hinchey, The Truffle Hound

It was awesome working with you.  Thanks for your support as well.  You were fantastic at keeping the chef’s interesting and to time. – Dana Rozner, Tandem Events

It was great to meet you on Sunday at The Melbourne Truffle Festival. You were a wonderful host and whilst the focus is on the main celebrity on stage, it’s people like you that really help to make them look good and keep the crowd entertained. – Richard Stockman, radio presenter

Louise’s online work is sensational and inspirational. She is a clear leader and a great example for others to try and emulate. What also impresses me is how Louise sounds on radio. She is a natural and relates extremely well to people. Louise manages to capture a sense of place and is good at being descriptive. Having all that talent and a great attitude, she simply can’t go wrong. – Leigh Radford, ABC Rural

Louise’s work through the bushfire crisis brought great credit to ABC Local Radio in Victoria and the ABC as a whole. Louise worked way above the call of duty, putting in long hours to bring listeners the very latest information on “Black Saturday” and the days that followed. It was a service that undoubtedly saved lives. I am so proud of what Louise achieved for the local community and the reaction from local people has been quite overwhelming. This has been the ABC at its best. – Steve Kyte, ABC Local Radio

Louise made history by becoming the first broadcaster to set up and run a remote radio station (ABC Kinglake Ranges). It will become a model for community recovery efforts. I received consistent feedback about the value of the station and Louise did a remarkable job. Her content, approach, style and tone enabled Louise to build a trusted relationship with communities under pressure. Louise should be proud of her work. – Ian Mannix, ABC Local Radio

My warmest congratulations to Louise and the ABC Radio Kinglake Ranges 94.5FM team on their Walkley Award for Best Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs. The Walkleys acknowledge very high achievement in journalism and in receiving this Award Louise is reflecting the Corporation’s long held reputation for excellence. Louise has brought enormous credit to the ABC and her colleagues in particular, and I thank and congratulate her for that. – Mark Scott, Managing Director, ABC

Louise’s involvement as Master of Ceremonies at the UNIFEM breakfast and Women of Achievement Awards added so much to the smooth running of the event and everyone enjoyed her pleasant and cheerful personality. The success of the event would not have been as far reaching without Louise’s contribution. – Thelma Harvey, Zonta Club of Port Lincoln

I have worked closely with Louise FitzRoy over the last few years and have found her work to be of a very professional standard. She brings with her on a daily basis enthusiasm, a great attitude and loads of creativity. Her work on Kinglake Radio, a radio station created by 774 ABC Melbourne to help the community in its recovery after the Black Saturday fires, was a real highlight for ABC radio but more importantly for the greater community she served at the time. It was hard work and she built up a great reputation and really had a chance to hone her radio craft skills. – Kon Karamountzos, 774 ABC Melbourne

Louise is a dedicated and hardworking journalist who often worked long hours to provide coverage of important local stories in her region. – Liz Farquhar, ABC News Newcastle

Louise works very well in a team. She has a very easy and cooperative manner and is very enthusiastic and capable. She has been quick to embrace the travel required as a rural reporter and settle in new locations. She has a good grasp of what makes news and her rural reports have been both friendly and creative. She grew up in rural NSW which has helped her understand the kinds of stories we do and relates well with the people we often talk to.

Alice Plate, the Northern Territory Country Hour presenter, says Louise generates a lot of original stories, maintains a high standard of written content for radio and online and describes her as very motivated person who is prepared to work hard to get good stories. –  David Claughton, ABC Rural

I have known Louise for nearly 2 years, firstly as a fellow student studying at the Australian Yoga Academy and now in the privileged position as having her as one of our most esteemed instructors at Kozen Yoga. Louise is one of those rare gems that come along maybe once or twice in a lifetime. She is someone that you can trust your entire business with, someone that you can aspire to be like as an instructor and as a human being in general and most importantly someone who you could consider as a lifelong friend. – Paul Vercoe, Kozen Yoga