Grandpa’s tomatoes – A sauce of pride

tomatoesTHERE’S a secret hiding under the elm trees on a farm at Bacchus Marsh.

It’s a fruit affectionately known as “Grandpa’s tomatoes” and they come in an assortment of “ugly” shapes and sizes.

No one knows what sort of tomato they are or where they came from, but their appearance takes nothing away from their rich, juicy flavour.

More than four generations and 80 years of experience have gone into producing these tomatoes, grown by third-generation farmer Sam Dellios on his 12ha property along the Lerderderg River 60km north west of Melbourne.

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One comment on “Grandpa’s tomatoes – A sauce of pride

  1. I have just tasted one of ‘grandpa’s tomatoes’ at the local farmer’s market in Fairfield. Their flavour is quite amazing, and given the size and appearance of the tomatoes, also surprising. Tomatoes are know for the titillation of the umami receptors on the tongue; the recently accepted fifth taste. These particular tomatoes hit all those spots with one massive punch. I almost felt the need to take me shirt off and dive right in to one.

    I chatted with the owner, and from what I gather the vines were brought in a couple of generations ago from Macedonia, and have been growing in Bacchus Marsh ever since. The type – not known.

    For me it just highlights want incredible produce is being grown by local growers – it’s just a matter of finding it.

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