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Whether it’s laughing out loud or bringing tears to the eyes, Louise writes from the heart about life on the land and all things delicious and foodie!

Louise is a guest blogger for Love My Salad:

Lamb – Field to Fridge success

RUNNING a lamb venture is a full-time load for Beccara and Matt Lloyd. Their farm at Mt Wallace, 10km south of Ballan, is home to 40 Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams which are bred with 1400 Border Leister-Merino ewes …
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Blueberries – Out of the Blue

It was more chance than good management that saw Nikki and Paul Casey become berry farmers. In 1998, the couple decided it was time for a tree change to fulfil Paul’s boyhood dream of establishing a vineyard and growing grapes. …
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Translating Turkish

After 30 years in the business, Judy Leadoux knows what it means to talk turkey. Now she shares her insights into farming the festive bird. read the article

Beef – Forging a New Tradition

Fifth-generation beef farmer Belinda Hoekstra loves life on the land. So much so, Belinda and her parents decided to take on the daunting task of selling their beef directly to customers, after realising the farm wasn’t making a big enough …
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Chilli – A Heated Love affair

First the face goes crimson then the eyes start to water, beads of sweat appear on the forehead, slowly followed by a searing heat at the back of the throat, numbing all your tastebuds. This was what happened to Geoff …
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The Paw Paw Files

When it comes to eating fruit, many of us are more likely to reach for the common apple or banana as our first source. Yet with its many health benefits, paw paw is one fruit that deserves an honourable mention. Louise FitzRoy explains. Australian …
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